Top 10 Most Asked Questions

Why invest in AngelToken?

There are many reasons. It is important that you read the WhitePaper before considering an investment. In summary though, you should invest as it will give you two exciting benefits. One, membership of an investment community where you can give and receive great investment ideas. Two, we fully expect Angel Token holders to make significant investment returns over the coming years.

How can I make money off of this?

There are 2 ways that we think that you could make money. 1) Make sure you are one of the earliest investors when the ICO goes live. Then, soon after the ICO has finished and there is a secondary market in Angel Token, you sell. Provided that you have more bonus Tokens than the ‘average’ purchaser you may be able to sell at a good profit. 2) A more profitable thing to do would be to buy early in the ICO, and then hold your Tokens. Be involved in our investment process. Help identify other coins to buy. See us improve the values of other coins through our own development and marketing skills. In this way you will see the value of the Angel Token portfolio grow and not only make a profit, but also feel connected to the market and our community in a better way.

Who decides what coins to invest in?

The best thing about Angel Token is the investment community that you get to be part of. All token holders with 10,000 or more Angel Tokens will be encouraged to become part of the investment team. We will discuss ideas and show, privately, our detailed research. Only when we have heard the recommendations and arguments from our investment community will we decide to invest. We will have the final say but it is important that it is a collaborative approach.

Will there be a beta testing launch?


AngelToken are some sort of investment fund?

Yes, exactly. The ETH raised during the ICO will go towards investing in other coins and tokens in a well-managed, and structured investment fund. Although, we do differentiate ourselves from the many other cryptocurrency investment Funds out there. When we have identified a coin that we want to invest in we approach the coin owners and offer to work with them to improve their coin, using our developers and marketers.

Why should I buy from you when I can wait and see if and how it’s going to perform when listed on an exchange?

We have one of the best bonus structures that we have seen in the entire ICO market. We are rewarding people who invest early. So, if you wait, you will miss out on some bonus tokens. You can wait and see but we are looking for people to invest money, through the ICO, that will then grow in value. If you do not invest during the ICO then there will be less money in the portfolio. Also, you will not be able to really see what is going on as you only have access to the community once you invest.

Is this just another white paper or is anything actually developed yet?

We are not going to spend money trying to develop a product. This ICO is raising money to invest in great cryptocurrencies with great products in development or already developed. The problem with most ICO’s is that they are taking money, raised from investors such as you, in order to develop a product for a market that is as-yet uncertain. There is always the possibility that they spend all of the money raised and do not manage to either make the product, or the product will be redundant or un-commercial. With our ICO we intend to hold onto the money raised, and use it to make smart investment decisions and grow the value.

How do I get dividends if I bought tokens from an exchange?

It is perfectly possible. You just need to transfer your Angel Tokens from the exchange where you bought them to any ERC20 compatible wallet. We recommend From there, you need to tell us your wallet address so that we can pay you a dividend. It is an easy process.

Can I buy more tokens and request dividends on parts of it instead of the whole sum?

Yes. For example, if you have Angel Tokens in 2 wallets, you could request that only the tokens in one of the wallets receives a dividend. However, we would strongly advise against that. The dividend will be valuable and it will be lost to you (although the whole portfolio will benefit). If we declare a dividend in a quarter you should definitely claim it. Please bear in mind also that you need 10,000 tokens to qualify for a dividend.


How do you calculate the dividends?

At the end of each calendar quarter we look at the value of the portfolio. The value needs to satisfy two conditions 1) That it is a higher value than the previous quarter end and 2) That the value is the highest it has ever been. Only then will we decide on a dividend amount. Our aim would be to pay between 10% and 25% of the growth of the value of the portfolio that quarter.

How does the dividend distribution work?

Every quarter we will pay a dividend in Ether. We do not believe that burning tokens, or giving away more tokens, is the right approach. We have a serious portfolio of valuable assets underlying the Angel Token. We feel that Angel Token holders should benefit from this portfolio by receiving regular dividends. We will only pay a dividend if the portfolio has gone up in value over the previous 3 months. Even then, we won’t pay unless the portfolio has reached a new all-time-high record value (as measured in Ether). Then we will pay a dividend of between 10% and 25% of the growth in the portfolio.

How can I see how much dividends I’ve earned?

You will be able to see the ETH sent to you as dividends on your Ethereum wallet. You will also have a record within the Angel Token Slack channel.

How do I lock down the tokens?

When we announce a dividend we will also let you know the amount of the dividend and the payment date. You will be asked to lock down your wallet at anytime in the 7 days before the payment date, ensuring that the wllaet is locked down when payment date arrives. The procedure will be very simple and will be explained each time we declare a dividend. You will be asked to send a ZERO ETH transaction to a specific wallet address, likely to be the Angel Token Fund wallet, and then the smart contract will pay you the amount of dividend in ETH corresponding to the amount of Angel Tokens you hold. It will also unlock your wallet at the same time.

Do I get dividends on AT when I’m buying from exchanges?

We will only pay dividends to ERC20 wallets, locked by the investor.

How do I get dividends if I bought tokens from an exchange?

It is perfectly possible. You just need to transfer your Angel Tokens from the exchange where you bought them to any ERC20 compatible wallet. We recommend From there, you need to tell us your wallet address so that we can pay you a dividend. It is an easy process.

Can I buy more tokens and request dividends on parts of it instead of the whole sum?

Yes. For example, if you have Angel Tokens in 2 wallets, you could request that only the tokens in one of the wallets receives a dividend. However, we would strongly advise against that. The dividend will be valuable and it will be lost to you (although the whole portfolio will benefit). If we declare a dividend in a quarter you should definitely claim it. Please bear in mind also that you need 10,000 tokens to qualify for a dividend.

Refund Policy

What happens with the 20% that isn’t refunded?

It remains within the Angel Token portfolio for the benefit of all remaining Angel Token Holders. The 80% refund allows us to invest 20% knowing that it cannot be refunded. This gives us an opportunity to show all Angel Token holders how we perform with our investments in the first few months.

What happens with the refunds after 150 days?

Once the refund period is over it means that all the monies raised during the ICO will be available for investment.


How come you’re offering 80% refund, isn’t this a scam to run away with the 20%?

No, this is not a scam. If we were intending to steal any monies raised then surely it would be more effective just to take all the money, and not offer any refund! However, let me tell you why we will not be doing that. There is legal uncertainty in some jurisdictions about how ICO’s should or should not be regulated and have licences to operate. The SEC, for example, should have the best interests of investors at the core of what they do and think. How we can protect ourselves from Government Agencies looking to protect their citizens? The best way is to do everything WE can to protect the funds of those citizens. To act responsibly and hopefully give them a good investment return. However, should we ‘run away with them money’ we know that we will have committed a serious crime. We will expect to be caught and prosecuted, and that is not a position we want to be in, obviously.
A thief comes into your house. There are 100 gold coins lying on the table. Why would the thief only take 20?

Will the investment be fair? Announced in advance so everyone can invest on the side?

The investment will be fair but we are unlikely to announce exactly the date, time and amount of our purchases, or sales. We do not want individual Angel Token investors buying (or selling) the cryptocurrencies that we are about to invest in. They could possibly raise the price, which would then disadvantage ALL other Angel Token holders. We don’t think that is fair to our community. Of course. That is difficult to monitor so we will to some extent have to rely on the integrity of our members.


How many tokens will be there in total and at what price?

The amount of coins are dependent on how many are sold during the ICO period, but the maximum amount of coins issued for sale is 70,000,000. We will not mint more than that. The price is fixed at 1,265 Tokens for 1 ETH. However, throughout the ICO period there is a bonus structure, meaning that the earlier you invest the more tokens you will get. The very first investor will get 10,000 Tokens for 1 ETH (a bonus of 8,735 Tokens).

How many coins will be distributed and how?

Total tokens: 100,000,000
ICO tokens: 70,000,000
Team: 8,000,000
Bounties and campaigns and future marketing: 7,000,000

How exactly do token holders profit from development on other coins?

We feel that we have a unique investment proposition. We have all seen cryptocurrencies ‘skyrocket’ because of some small piece of news that suddenly makes them more attractive or more visible to millions of investors. We know that if we invest in a small number of good cryptocurrency assets AND at the same time use our own developers and marketers to raise the effectiveness/profile of their offering, then we can give a big boost to the chances of that asset rising in value.

Can the tokens be earned or just bought?

The only way to buy get Tokens is to buy them during the ICO. There will be a secondary market after the ICO has finished, but we expect supply to be limited, and there is no indication of what the price you will have to pay will be.

What is the token needed for?

The Angel Token is needed as a ‘proof-of-stake’ of the Angel Token portfolio. The Angel Token will be indirectly linked, by the market, to the value of the underlying portfolio. The more the value of the portfolio grows, the more the price of the Angel Token will grow. It also will allow people to participate in the growth of the portfolio if they hear about this after the ICO has finished. They will be able to buy Angel Tokens on the secondary market. In addition, we are using the number of Angel Tokens held to identify whether someone has access to the investment community and whether he/she is able to receive a dividend.

What exchanges will the token be listed on? Where can we exchange the tokens?

We will expect that there will be 3 well-known exchanges where Angel Token will be listed. It is vital that there is a liquid aftermarket in these tokens, but our initial focus for or initial investors will be investing the Funds raised in great projects. We expect early investors to ‘buy and hold’ so we expect there not to be too big a secondary market at the start.

How is your token scalable?

It scales because if we, as a community, make good investment decisions and also, uniquely, invest in some cryptocurrencies that we can help with skills as well as investment, then we can grow the value of our investment portfolio. If the value of that portfolio grows then we expect the value of the Angel Token also to grow.


How many price increases are there and what’s the increase %?

The price stays the same (1 ETH buys you 1,265 Tokens) but there are 70 bonus changes. As each 1,000,000 tokens are sold (out of 70,000,000) the bonus amount gets less for each ETH invested. For example, after 10,000,000 Tokens have been sold, for each 1 ETH invested you get a bonus of 3,734 Tokens (on top of the 1,265 Tokens at the fixed price) but when 30,000,000 Tokens have been sold the bonus is down to 1,234 Tokens. If you bought the last 10,000 Tokens available, you would only get 1,265 Tokens and NO bonus allocation.

Do you have a site, a wallet or an algorithm?

Yes, please go to where you will find everything you need to know about this ICO.

Can we have the Wallet address of the foundation to keep an eye on the found?

Yes, absolutely, You can see the address, and the current amount of ETH raised, here, on the website

No mining? Where do the tokens come from? Who profits?

The mining is done ‘on the fly’ so that as we receive each ETH of investment, we mine (issue) the tokens ourselves and give them to the investor in return for the ETH. It is important to note that this ETH does not disapper, it is then invested for the benefit of the Token holder. We are not spending the ETH investment on a project that might, or might not, make money in years to come. We have a business that can make money from day1 after the ICO finishes.

Who is the Developer?

We have a small team of developers who have worked on the Token and the smart contracts associated with the token. These are the ones that allocate tokens, and ensure the things we have promised, like the bonus token allocation and the refund policy, work without the possibility of our intervention. However, we do not have a large well-known team of developers, like many ICO’s, because we are not ‘developing’ some new product or blockchain ecosystem. We are investing the Funds raised, and we do not need developers for that. We need researchers, traders and analysts for that.

Can I send BTC from my btc-e account to AngelToken platform?

No, we have decided to only accept ETH in exchange for Angel Tokens. The token is built on the Ethereum network.

Do I get a refund on AT when I’m buying from exchanges?

You cannot buy from an Exchange.

You have any time line? Where do you plan to launch first investment?

We won’t make any investments within the ICO period. As soon as the ICO period is over we will have 20% of all Funds raised available to the Angel Token portfolio. We would expect making our first investment within one month of the ICO close.

Is there a minimum ETH/BTC to be raised? For example, if 500 ETH isn't gathered, escrow sends back the money.

No, there is no minimum amount of ETH. If there are very few investors, then we will probably close it external investors, and put more of our own investment Funds.

Can I get a great short summary as to what AngelToken biggest advantage is compared to other coins?

Yes, please see the WhitePaper – Why Should I invest in Angel Token.

Developer, what are you employed at in the real life? Do you have knowledge of crypto currency?

The developers working on this Angel Token ICO are Solidity experts.

How much ETH/BTC would be bare minimum or enough for you to work?

There is no minimum. We will carry on with this business regardless of the amount invested by external investors in this ICO.

Angel Token Slack Community

Will there be any type of monthly accounting of expenses to the community?

We will publish a monthly portfolio showing the total value of all the cryptocurrency holdings and any Fiat currencies. However, we won’t be detailing individual trades and cashflows.

Is there minimum purchase required to get inside the group?

Yes, you will need an amount of 10,000 Angel Tokens to have full participation in the community, and to receive dividends. 10,000 Angel Tokens cost 7.9 ETH. However, with our bonus structure, if you are an early investor you may be able to get an equivalent price of 1 ETH (US$300). So we are not trying to make it an exclusive and difficult-to-get-into club.

Will there be a bonus for day 1 investors?

Yes, the best bonus is for the first investors. All tokens are sold at the same price but the first 1,000,000 Tokens will attract a bonus such that for each 1,265 Tokens purchased, you will receive an extra 8,734 tokens. So there is real incentive to purchase your Tokens as early as possible during the ICO.

Are there any free invites to the slack group?

Yes, there is a free Slack group to discuss the ICO and the risks and rewards of investing in this ICO. However, once the ICO is over then this will be restricted to those people with 10,000 Angel Tokens only.


How do I get more users to use AngelToken and is that beneficial for me?

A great question! The best possible thing for the Angel Token is to have a portfolio of US$10m, meaning that the ICO has sold out. Do you know of any serious investors, people who want to be involved in cryptocurrency investments, but don’t know where to start? Do you know people who have great investment and trading insights into the cryptocurrency markets? If you do, then show them www. as the more people who are involved, the more likely your investment will be a success.

When will the investors know which is the first coin to invest in?

We will discuss our thoughts and research with the Angel Token investment community on Slack. So all Angel Token holders with 10,000 tokens or more will know which ones we are considering.

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